Free Course Teaches You How To Start CARVING Wood & Stone Like A Pro In 7 Days Or less, even if your total beginner

Learn Wood Carving: A Step By Step Guide To Carve  Better Faces

Learn  how  to sculpt a full portrait  of your wife, your kids, or yourself from wood!

Our wood carving academy video lessons for BEGINNERS and ADVANCED sculptors.

Carving a beautiful sculpture requires time, patience, guidance, perseverance, and practice. When you overcome these obstacles, you will be on the path to becoming a master sculptor.

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The number one way to accelerate your success is through the personal guidance of a mentor who knows how to create the results you desire, and who has a history of creating sculptures that are part of many public and private collections.

This is YOUR CHANCE to create bigger and better sculptures. It is your chance to learn all the carving techniques you need to become a master sculptor.

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Hi I'm Ruben Llano, founder of the Carving for Everyone Academy.

I’ve created many stone and wood sculptures for churches, cathedrals, and private collections.

I’ve been featured in many art exhibitions and won numerous awards.

I have also collaborated on major projects as a sculptor and my work is featured at:

The Jewish museum in New York.

•The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York.

•The Hamilton library in Indiana.

•The church of St. Peter the fisherman in Wisconsin

•The Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

•The Capuchin Order in Chicago, Illinois.

•The Boliwngreen court courthouse in Ohio

•The Hope College in Holland

And in many other places!

Carving Tools, Wildlife Paintings and Sculptures

WELCOME to my art store! in this shop you will find a great selection of tools for wood carving or stone carving.  You will find gouges, chisel and wooden mallets.

Likewise you will find a complete selection of the best Cuturi Pneumatic Hammers that are one of the most desired for stone sculpture and all the chisels necessary for the beginner or the advanced sculptor.  You will find soon a great selection of hand tools and machine tools for stone carving or stone masonry.
You want to copy a model into your wooden block or Stone Block. Pointing Machine this great device will make your job easier and be able to create any sculpture in less time and with perfect accuracy every time.  

In the Art shop you also have the opportunity  to find a great selection of the best Oil paintings.

My paintings give a voice to wildlife and enable you to preserve the beauty of nature in your art collection or your home without disturbing or damaging the natural world.

What People are said  About it

JAMIE HOSKIN// Product Designer 

Great Skills And Expertise In Carving Drawing  And Designing

Throughout most of my career as a product designer and Director of Product Development for Whitehall Products, LLC, I have had the pleasure of working with Ruben Llano for many years.  
 I have relied heavily on Ruben for design work and wood/urethane carvings for the development of new home and garden decorative products and he has always, without fail, delivered the highest quality in both products and services...

His skills and expertise in drawing, carving and model making is a rarity and continues to be an essential ⁹ for the growth of the company.  

Despite having worked with him on countless projects I am still always amazed by his ability to transform concepts and rough ideas into amazing works of art.

  As well he is a great teacher with high quality and the way he transfer his knowledge to the students amazing me...

David Simmon // Wood Carver

This Free Courses Are Going To Be Worth At Least The Price Of A Year At College 

Thank you for posting this step of carving the human face. Saying “Thank you” seems too little for the value I am getting from your course!

 I hope to be able to improve my ability to the degree that I can also teach others the joy of being creative with wood in the same way as you do! 

You make it all look so easy! I am finding these tutorials to be very helpful and would encourage everyone who is interested in improving their technique and skills to at least watch what Ruben does!

 I have picked up quite a few little hints and ideas already, and with the scale being quite large, I find my practice pieces to be very forgiving, whereas when making miniature faces, I tend to ruin a piece with one tiny cut!

 I have even cut off half a nose in one tiny mistake! I bet nobody else has ever done that!

Carving is not always about how small things can be!

If you follow step by step what Ruben is teaching, this free course is going to be worth at least the price of a year at college for you if you take it seriously, in my opinion! 

Ruben is an excellent multi media artist, and is not only a super sketch artist, and wood carver, but also is a master stone sculptor. 

I have so much to learn and so little time!