​Ruben Llano

About the Author

My name is Ruben Llano   Well, let me tell you a little about me to help you understand where I coming  from.  I am a working Artist using the media  of  Stone Sculpture,  Wood Carving, and Painting for over 28 years.

True this period of time  I work on many projects in the USA like in the St John the Divine Cathedral in NY.   In projects like the Jewish  Museum ​in​​​ NY.  Where I carved many pieces of the new addition of the building.

Also in the project of the Carnegie  Mellon in Pittsburg, this project was a long project and a hard work. We were a group of five carvers from a different part of the world like England, France, Canada, Colombia.

In this project we was need to Sculpture out of Indiana  Limestone five different niches in different Architecture style like Roman Style using images from the Parthenon, another niche was Gothic, Clasical, Middle East style.  The experience  was facinated...

I work in numerous projects and my Art work are part of prive collection true all USA and Colombia  where I was born.