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Modeling A Portrait In Clay

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How To Modeling In Clay Step By Step A Human Head

This video classes they are going to help you in the procces of how to Modeling a better model in clay.

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How To Start You Clay Model

Modeling A Human Head In Clay Step By Step

To carve in wood or Carve in stone is a good approach  to make a model fist this way you will have a chance to resolve all problem of anatomy,  proportion, pose before you start carving in a solid block ofstoneor wood.

  • with great respect for your talent, you should have someone proof read your english. Don’t get me wrong. I have tried to learn spanish for over 10 years and still do not have a good command of the language. But, if I had a web site (and I do) directed at spanish speaking people, I would and have used translators to help me out.

  • I have looked for a long time at woodcarving courses and have not been satisfied with the teaching approaches presented or with the subject materials. I am thrilled that woodcarving is being presented here as a serious art form. I will begin as you suggest by making a pattern. Do you also think it is good to make a clay model?
    Thank you for making your teaching available.

    Richard Groomer

    • Richard Groomer thank you for your comment and your question.
      Is good to make a clay model?
      If you study art in college or an art Academy most of the pieces that you are working from are plaster models, if your taking a drawing class they will help you see the contrast of the form and the dimension, and also because they are white color they will reflect the light in all different ways.

      The old school of carving special stone carving they used to make a block of plaster and carve the model out, because it is easier than the stone and it will help resolve all the problems, before it was carved in marble and then is was completed with the help of a pointing machine to take measurements that you can transfer to your block of wood or stone ( to see a pointing machine in this video )
      in the old time like 1600 to 1800 it was a contradiction between made a clay model or a plaster model, the clay model it was considered a different art form.

      To me I think is good and helpful either method the argument was for CLAY you add material and for PLASTER you will take out like when you carve in wood or stone helping the student to do a practice before the real material is a good approach to learn also the plaster is very soft and easy to carve.

      These days is very easy to make a clay model usually I make a clay model for a large sculpture special to study or figure out the movement, and the proportions of the subject most of the time I focus in the face the most to make it as close as possible to what is going to be.

      I usually used an oil based clay from Polyteck poly -plasticine-clay is a great oil based clay or I used regular ceramic clay with the ceramic clay you need to work the clay well and don’t let it dry to fast it will crack so easily.
      To created a drapery I use canvas that I dipped in a solution of water mixed with wood glue, and them I use sewing pins to secure the way I wanted and I let it dry over night and you have a drapery that easy.
      Thank you for your question let me know if you need any help.

  • This course is amazing! I have been trying to get into stone carving but have found that very few sculptors teach and the art stores do not carry stone carving supplies. I’m so lucky to have discovered your school. Your course will inspire many, I’m sure.Thank you, Mr. Llano.

    • Thank you so much for your words I really appreciate, my plan is to continue creating more video courses, but in this day I been very busy so hopefully soon I can continue with the video courses. If you have any questions just let me know here in the comments I will be happy to help.

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