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Water Based Stain Created Beautiful Color for your woodworking Projects.Water based finish will give a grant selection of possibilities it could be used for woodworking, home finished, like furniture, cabinets, counter, gifts, as well you could used for Art finish projects like painting with water based stains will create fantastic Art work that will be ready to be displayed in any Art Gallery or art competition.Wood in self could create or have breathtaking looks, that you want to preserve it, but from one piece to another wood will change the colors tones, the patterns , the grain, If you try to match with an existing piece in your home is a good idea to do a small test first before you adventure into do the entire piece. Since wood is a product of nature, it can vary from tree to tree, even in the same wood species…Water based stain colors will transform different every piece in conjunction with the natural color of the wood it could produce different results of the color you desire… So do a small test to be sure you are satisfied with the results…If you wonder what will be the best products to paint your withilling projectsThis video will show you how to water stain your wood carving easy to obtaining great realistic results… special in the wood carving a realistic eye video classes. Minwax Water based stain are very easy to use they don't run into the wood like water colors do, you will be able to control or manage where the color stay without spray to other areas…Color water based stains are great to mix or blend colors together jus applied the desired colors and worked with the paint brush to create the effects that you are looking for.Water based stain are created with that special formula that will resist the UV color changes, as well will maintain the natural grain of the wood, to obtain the look of the grain true the stain you need to remove after 5 minutes of the application the excess to create the effects of nice colorful wood grain…Wood Water based stain is easy to clean up no more paintinner or smelling chemicals, Water-Based StainsAre lower in odor than oil-based stains The best of the water base will CLEAN with just Water and Soap.The water based stain come in a grand selection of colors up to 40 different tones to create a gran color palette for all your home projects.As well DIY do it yourself the colors are very easy to mix you self you just need the primary colors White BlackYellow BlueRedWith these colors you could mix more than 40 colors but remember if you need to cover a large are written down your mix is great to use a wait scale so will be the same all the time, but remember if you want to preserve the original colors uses a different container to do the mix without mixing the origami colors or change it...This are the manufacturer recommendations.Application Tool: synthetic bristle brush, cloth, foam brush, staining pad or rag.Application: interior for any type of wood surfaces Recoat: after 2 hoursDry Time: 3 hoursCleanup: soap and waterCoverage: 100 sq. ft per quartCoats: 1 coat. To darken the color, apply a second coat after 2 hours.Recommended Uses: For all Wood carving projects, withiling carving , wood burning techniques, woodworking pieces, all home improvement that are made out of wood and need finish, unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, doors, trim, molding and many more accessories.Minwax® manufacturer will not recommended the water base stain for floors.before you start you water based again you need to prepare your woodworking project, it need to be sand the wood in the direction of the grain with a 120 grain sandpaper, using a power tool like a belt sanderThis tool sometimes live a lot of marks like scratches,bucks, so be careful, after used the belt sander you could use an orbit sander to help clean the surface well, if you don't have any of those tools you could use just your hand , just work the wood carving surface to a fine grid using 220 sand paper the better prepare you woodworking project the best your results.When you run a piece of lumber true the planner or when you purchase from the store is Not a good idea to just start the stain process you need to sand to remove the shine look in the surface created by the heat produced when it when true the planner.Water Based Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner and allow to penetrate 1-5 minutes. This will help ensure even stain color penetration and reduce grain raising on soft and hard woods creating evenly and beautiful finished.Remove excess with a clean cloth.For best results, wait 15-30 minutes before lightly sanding the surface with a fine-220 grade sandpaper . This will help smooth any raised grain. Remove all sanding dust...

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How To carve An Eye Lesson 1

Eyes carving easy and quick realistic eyes in wood, or stone in a short time with this free classes tutorial you will learn how to design or pencil draw better eyes for your wood carving project, to carve proportion eyes in wood or stone you need to know the anatomy and proportion of the human eyes, before you start carving your realistic faces, you need a good drawing of the eyes. Let's watch this video series of how to carve better and realistic eyes like the great sculptor MichelAngelo, Bernini, or Canova.

Carving An Eye Lesson 2

What is the best way to carve an eye.

Carving An Eye Step By Step Lesson 3

The best  way to wood carving a realistic  Eye is with a video step by step classes.


Eye Carving In Wood Lesson 4

this lesson will walk true on how to create  amazing  Eyes in wood


Wood Carving An Eye Lesson 5

This is the final details  to create amazing  eyes please watch the entire  video


How To Wood Stain An Eye Lesson 6

The best way to finish your carving with water based stain watch  this video to see how to water based stain.