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Wood Carving Better Eyes

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This great series will walk  true the process of wood carving better eyes , you will learn the anatomy, proportion , how to created contrast  inside of the eye, where to set the pupils, the Iris.

You will learn how to wood carve amazing  eyes that will be full of life and realism.

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Course Structure

How To carve An Eye Lesson 1

Eyes carving easy and quick realistic eyes in wood, or stone in a short time with this free classes tutorial you will learn how to design or pencil draw better eyes for your wood carving project, to carve proportion eyes in wood or stone you need to know the anatomy and proportion of the human eyes, before you start carving your realistic faces, you need a good drawing of the eyes. Let's watch this video series of how to carve better and realistic eyes like the great sculptor MichelAngelo, Bernini, or Canova.

Carving An Eye Lesson 2

What is the best way to carve an eye.

Carving An Eye Step By Step Lesson 3

The best  way to wood carving a realistic  Eye is with a video step by step classes.


Eye Carving In Wood Lesson 4

this lesson will walk true on how to create  amazing  Eyes in wood


Wood Carving An Eye Lesson 5

This is the final details  to create amazing  eyes please watch the entire  video


How To Wood Stain An Eye Lesson 6

The best way to finish your carving with water based stain watch  this video to see how to water based stain.