unique carving tips for more engaging sculptures

Water Based Stain
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How To Stone Carving
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Stone Carving Tools
Stone carving Tools and techniques Stone tarving tools are made of a piece of Carbon Temper  Steel created in a[...]
Stone Sculpture The Pneumatic Hammer
Stone Sculpture  the Pneumatic Air HammerPneumatic  Hammer for stone sculpture.What is a pneumatic hammer is a fantastic tool that will[...]
Wood Carving For Beginners
Wood Carving For Beginners We use Wood Carving as a medium like a painter used Oils to created his amazing  piece of Art,[...]
How Michaelangelo Created the Madona Pitti Tondo
How Michael Angelo Bonarroti Was Able To Created Many Sculptures in Carrara Marble With just a Hammer  and Chisel  [...]