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Carve in Stone For Beginners

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Introduction  to Stone Carving tools and techniques 

Introduction To Stone Carving Tools And Techniques

How to carve in stone with his video is a basic overview of stone carving tools and how to used them in marble. The best way to Introduce to stone carving tools and techniques is to have a clear knowledge of all the stone carving tools necessary and how to used them in the correctly way without confusion.
The process of the Art of Stone Carving has not changed to much through history, up to this day we still are creating Stone Sculpture using hand chisels and hammer to transform the solid block of natural stone into a beautiful museum stone sculpture.

Lest start with the one of the most important tools and real often is take by granted 

The Hammer 

​Is the indispensable tool necessary to start your creation, you could find a few types and shapes
You could find square hammers , rectangular hammers, and round hammers for stone carving...

The rectangular is usually call the Carving Hammer
This type of hammer come in a different sizes determine by the weight. 1 to 10 lbs.

You also will find a Square Hammer, they available in few sizes.

One of my favorite are the Bell Hammers they look like a bell and the particular characteristics of this type is that when you are carving you will not miss the head of your tool. In the another way with the rectangular hammer you need to maintain you hammer in the same position over and over...

Is recommended for carve in stone to have the 1 to 4 pounds hammer for best performance but to begging you could start with just one pound and three pound, they will do the work the small one for the details and the heavier for the rough work…

2. Hand Sets Chisels

They are the demolition chisels you will used this type of Chisel to remove large amount of stone, it work best when you cut through a section with the saw, and then you could break large amount of material, using a large hammer  with this type of stone carving chisels...

Hand Set Chisel this type is great to remove large amount of stone using a large hammer like four pounds, remember that if you are trying to remove large piece if the hammer is small it will be difficult, the three or best four pound will work real well…

Hand Chipper

Hand Chipper this a great mason tool like the handset is design to remove great amount of stone without major effort with a hammer...

Hand tracer stone chisels 

Hand Tracer the main purpose of this stone carving chisels is to created a line through the stone surface id best all around of the stone for best performance, you will continue hammered over and over all sound until will break, if the stone is very lenge is not in off vibration create with this tool that you will not be able to break through.
In large stone you need a large saw, or you could used a feathers and wedges to obtain the split, but with the hand traced you will created the guideline for the stone to break…

offset hand set stone carving tools

Offset Hand Set this tool is almost exactly to the Hand Set but the difference are the this one is created with an angle in the handle is well used for all masonry jobs.

Hand point  Stone carving chisel

3. Hand Point 
Is consider the Hard Working Tool, it has the one of the best part of creating your masterpiece you will spend hours with this chisels special if you are working with just Hand Stone Carving Tools…
You will be able to rough out you entire Stone Sculpture with this chisels, if you take a look a the grand sculptor in history like Michelangelo sculpture you will see a grand trace mark of this type if chisels may he didn't finish all this sculpture or he was having a vision of the Contemporary Art…
With the hand point you will be able to discover that image lost for ages in the core of the beautiful white Carrara Marble.
The Hand point chisels come in different sizes and types 
They are made of hard temper steel as well carbide. You can purchase from ½” to 1”
For this type of tool to perform well it need to be very well sharp into a point if you are planning to work in Marble for Limestone it don't have to be real point…
Depend the size of your sculpture will determination the size of your chisels as well the size of your hammer if you are removing large amount of stone is best to go with the ⅞”8” or 1” and 4 pound hammer…

Stone carving claw chisel

4 The Claw Chisel after you finish removing the material that is not needed with your hand point you will need to move to the next chisels that is a claw chisels.
This type of tool is design to continue rough out your project and removing the extra material that is covering your sculpture you could bring your project also to the final stage with this type of chisels…
The Claw tool will could give you a rich patterns and texture in your sculpture given a lot of possibilities, special if you are creating more contemporary Art Wok.

Stone sculpture  straight  chisel

5. Straight Stone Carving Chisels
After you are real close to the final surface and you want to created the smooth rich finish special in marble you need to use a Straight or flat chisels. This type of stone working chisels will bring your sculpture  surface to live.

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