Stone Carving
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Here’s The #1 Secret To Carve In Stone

Lesson 6

The best practices  to carve in stone

Stone Sculpture or Stone Carving is the representation  of events  or feeling true a certain  moment  in history  of humanity.
We used the art of sculpture  to tell another  what is happening  or what is the opinion  about  an event, that was touched by  the artist fillings,  and true the action of using different  mediums like stone, bronze medal wood, clay, painting and more the artist are able to recreate  his own  history,  his own perspective of what  he wants you to see or feel like he did...

The two most important elements of sculpture are  space and mass  that are impresindible to create a traditional  sculpture tat is made of a material or substance that has mass and volume and has his on present in the Three Dimensional space. The mass of sculpture is the solid, material that is contained by his surfaces.
The material that forms the sculpture  move true the space in solid  form or empty  space that creates the appearance of the sculpture... 

Create a beautiful  Stone Sculpture  you are going to need some particular  tools that will cut or break  true the hard surface of the stone like Carrara Marble,  Alabama  Marble, Limestonesandstone, Travertine, Granite and many more...

 In this Lesson you are going to learn how to use a hand chisel and a hammer to create the details  of the fish eye and you will see the total fish  inside the netting  so we will finish the rough out stage of this relief carving in Indiana  Limestone 

Is good to know that to begin  Stone Sculpture  you don't need to many tools. You could start with just a hammer and a hand point tools with  those two carving tools you could roughing the entirely  stone carving.
But you are going to need some tools to clean the roofing surface after using the point chisel  the best to do the job is a Claw Tool and after a Flat Chisel ​so if you get a few of each you will be ready to start carving​​​ in Stone...

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