Wood Carving
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How To Learn Wood Carving In A Wood Carving School So You Can Easy Learn Step By Step Video Classes Without Never Wood Carve Before

Lesson 2

Introduction  on how to wood carving better faces

The bare point of this Wood Carving Class will give the beginner carver or enthusiast a solid foundation in woodcarving.

Because we address how to create a pattern, how to transfer the wood carving design into a block of wood, also in this video series we study about wood carving tools, like all about Gouges chisels, V carving tools, Straight chisels, Skew tools, and many more tools to create any sculpture and any sizes in wood as well as the most important you will learn how to use all the tools necessary.
This videos series you will learn all about detailing a study the nose.

 This is a continuing series, the future courses will study the Eyes, Mouth, Ears and how to wood carve better Hair as well a full wood carving portrait.

This free classes on how to wood carving the human face you will learn how to capture the character, expression, anatomy so you can create better and proportion faces, you will find the wood spirit in the natural log and you will bring to life step by step.

In this Wood Carving free lessons, you will learn all about the face so you can carve any type of face like an old man, a woman or child, Spanish, French, Chinese any type of faces because you will master the basics of carving a face.

This wood sculpture lesson focuses on teaching you all the fundamentals of the human face, is like going to an old Art School you start with the basic when you start to draw you start with simple exercises like lines and shading.
 To start wood carving a face you need to learn first each part separate, in this way will be less confused and less discourage special if you never carved wood before...

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