Stone Carving
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Introduction To Stone Carving Techniques

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Ready  To Learn How to carve in stone!

Is Fantastic that YOU are here and you are interested in becoming a stone  Sculptor.

In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn all about STONE CARVING. What materials you are going to need, what tools are the best to use for better results… What are the best ways to use them?

I will demonstrate how to carve a fish inside of a netting, this is a challenging task to create a piece like this because you need to carve the netting above the fish… So you are here for a great treat in the Art of Stone carving.

My name is Ruben Llano and I will be your instructor, you wondering why you should listen or learn from me.  
Well to help you understand better I bedn working as stone carving for over 28 years...

 Through this period of time  I worked on many projects in the USA like in the St Jonh the Divine Cathedral in NY.   In projects like the Jewish  Museum NY.  Where I carved many pieces of the new addition of the building. Also in the project of the Carnegie  Mellon in Pittsburgh , this project was a long process of hard work. We were a group of five carvers from a different part of the world like England, France, Canada, Colombia, we carved five different niches in different Architecture style like Roman Style using images from the Parthenon, another niche was Gothic style…

I worked on many more projects for the last 28 years using many types of stone like Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Alabaster, Granite.      True all those years I learn all the best Methods that you need to know to start carving in stone...

today I am very excited to share with you all this experience and help you to become a stone sculptor.  You can become a great sculptor like Michael Angelo, Bernini, Canova...