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Lesson 8

Stone carving for beginners 

Welcome Back...

How to Stone Carving a Fish
This is the final lesson for this course, I am very excited that you make to the final course, now is you opportunity to grab a piece of stone and start Carving.

How to start you watch this video series of how to. If you don't have any experience with stone carving the best is to start with something simple like a leaf or flower or more simple fish,  in this bonus video that is in YouTube Channel and is part of this netting is a simple carving it will be a good start making a simple but in the end of a rope. You welcome to watch it below.

Thank you for making to the end that should me that you have the desire to become a better Sculpture.
Remember that this is just the beginning of teaching in this web page I will continue sharing with you more of the process of become an Artist using the techniques of Wood Carving, Stone Carving,and modeling Stone or Stone Cast.

Thank you for Join me...
I am glad you FINISHED...