Stone Carving
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Surprisingly Simple Ways To Carve In Stone Fast Even You Never Carve Before

Lesson 4

The best saw for stone carving

​How to use a Circular Saw 

​​Well, one day I wanted to get the Mason part in my sculpture done faster, so what will be the best ​Saw in the market to help me obtain better results?

 You could find many types of saws on the market electrical and with fuel, you could buy a stone chainsaw as well.

But what I wanted was a saw that you could use for a different application like if you need to create a straight cut or a straight angle cut, or like another saw a free cut…

That is why The best type you could use to get that application right is a  Circular Saw ​or other called ​Skil Saw.

What is the best practice to get a straight edge?

 Well, you clamp a strained edge like a piece of lumber a 2×4  in the surface of your stone and that will be the guide for your saw to created that straight cut if you set 10-degree angle in your Skil Saw you will obtain that result that is why I when with the 16″ Makita Circular Saw…

The others saws are great for a free cut but you will never get a straight cut or angle…

In this Lesson, you will learn how to use the skill saw and how you could take a lot of material fast using the ​Hand tracer tool ​and the ​Hand point Chisel