Stone Carving Pneumatic Hammer Set


Stone Carving  Pneumatic Hammer  Kit

Carbide stone carving set with hand carving pneumatic chisels of different sizes and styles, used for all kind of materials like Granite, limestone,marmol, alabaster, sandstone,soapstone.

Pneumatic Hammer U has a shaft of 12,5 mm and is ideal for small or medium  projects.

1 Pneumatic Hammer Cuturi U
1 Carbide Chisel 20mm
1 Carbide Chisel 14mm
1 Carbide Chisel 8mm
1 Carbide Chisel 4mm
1 Carbide Bullnose 6mm
1 Carbide Bullnose 12mm
1 Carbide Pointed Chisel
1 Carbide Claw Chisel 14mm 3 teeth
1 Carbide Claw Chisel 12mm 4 teeth
1 Casing

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